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White Water Rafting near Phuket, Although there are no large rivers on Phuket, nearby Phang Nga province is a good place to enjoy this eco-friendly adventure sport.

The trip heading to Phang Nga Province, about 80 Kms from Phuket and rafting on the main Phang nga river. Whether you are white water rafting for the first time or an experienced rafter looking for lots of adventure, Those new to rafting will have a guide and some basic training before their trip to ensure their safety and comfort whilst they enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Phang nga river.

White Water Rafting in Phang Nga is available year round and is especially good during the months from June to November because of the higher amount of rain, and is by far the best time to go.

Phuket White Water Rafting tours are either a 5 kms, 7kms or a 9 kms course, but other activties that could be included are ATV, elephant ride through the jungle or a visit to the local waterfall for a unforgettable fun day out.

Level of Rapids

Level One:
EASY : Smooth flowing water , every rafters can easily paddle.
Level Two:
NATURAL : More ripples than smooth flowing, rafter needs some experience.
Level Three:
HARDER : Increased ripples, (small rapids) rafter need to learn safety technique.
Level Four:
DIFFICULT : : Higher ripples, with faster flowing water , rafter need more safety technique with stronger paddling ability and awareness for caution.

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Rafting Activities also available :

  • 5 Kms 7 Kms & 9 Kms Rafting
  • Elephant Trekking
  • ATV
  • Zipline
  • Waterfall

What to brings

Shorts , light T Shirt ( ready to get Wet ), Sandals / Sport Shoes,Camera, Sunscreen, Budget money.